@SfhWard25 Fantastic. These are such a great idea at hospitals.
- Tuesday Jan 8 - 7:36pm

RT @NHSMillion: Healthcare Assistants rarely get a mention, but they are the heartbeat of every ward across the country (as well as many ot…
- Sunday Jan 6 - 11:19am

@TaniaWilletts Ah yes. We'll be doing that for months :)
- Tuesday Jan 1 - 6:07pm

Happy New Year to all our followers. Here's to a 2019 filled with music-making for patients, visitors and staff.
- Tuesday Jan 1 - 8:16am

RT @SfhWard25: We hope that the children and YP that won't be with us this Christmas are still celebrating where ever they might be. Think…
- Sunday Dec 23 - 1:47pm

RT @UoNCPD: Musicians can play an important role in nurturing the wellbeing of older people in care. Read the @LiveMusicNowUK report on #Li
- Wednesday Dec 19 - 2:35pm

@SFHFT Fantastic. Well done David :)
- Tuesday Dec 18 - 9:27am

@SfhWard25 @SFHFT @RachelBarker66 @KHeathcote42 @Jumpin_Jaxs @LorraineBinch1 @SuzanneB_NHS @GoodmanKaty @KaleeSwain
- Monday Dec 17 - 1:28pm

RT @UHLNeonates: We are enjoying some lovely calming music on NNU LRI courtesy of Opus Music @music_health
- Tuesday Dec 11 - 3:42pm

RT @SfhWard25: It's FRIYAY which can only mean one thing... MUSIC DAY Our favourite day of the week! @music_health showing our visitors wha…
- Friday Dec 7 - 3:11pm

@SfhWard25 @SFHFT We'll be in singing some songs and playing some tunes on Friday morning. Perhaps we could keep h…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 8:32pm

Just a small sample of some of the wonderful responses we get from patients, their visitors and staff, in our pract…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 2:23pm

RT @mikeysfund: Mikey had a visit from Richard and Oliver from the fabulous opus music @music_health today. They played Mikey some lovely…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 1:00pm

@tupper32a @SFHFT @SuzanneB_NHS @PhilPhilbolton We see great benefits in the wards in which take music-making at Ki…
- Monday Dec 3 - 8:27pm

It's #GivingTuesday. Please consider giving the gift of music to hospitalised patients through your support of OPU…
- Tuesday Nov 27 - 10:45am

@SarahRo32309100 Thanks for your lovely tweet on Friday. We love playing for the babies (and parents and staff of course!). See you soon.
- Monday Nov 26 - 2:54pm

@QMCPaedsNeuro thanks for the follow. We're now following you also. We love coming to make music with you on a Thursday :)
- Monday Nov 26 - 2:52pm

RT @SarahRo32309100: I love working Fridays because of these guys! @music_health The babies are loving their morning music. 🎵 🎶
- Friday Nov 23 - 11:54am

RT @UoNCPD: Looking forward to welcoming delegates from @NottsCC @CheswoldH @NottsHealthcare and @AliClari5 to @UniofNottingham tomorrow fo…
- Tuesday Nov 20 - 9:53pm

RT @helenjwootton: @SfhWard25 @music_health I miss this Friday feeling on ward 25 xxx
- Sunday Nov 18 - 12:52am

RT @mariakimmiddlet: @SfhWard25 @music_health Love Fridays xx
- Sunday Nov 18 - 12:52am

RT @SfhWard25: It's FRIYAY!!!! A huge happy Friday from all of us on ward 25 and the amazing @music_health
- Friday Nov 16 - 11:01am

RT @gravity_digital: What a lively workshop in #markhamvale yesterday for @mpddindustry! Great to spend the afternoon with such a well eng…
- Thursday Nov 15 - 10:58am

Thanks to Debbie at Gravity Digital and Claire at Marketing Peak District and Derbys for a fantastic social media w…
- Thursday Nov 15 - 10:18am

RT @CardboardHarps: Really positive meeting this morning at @stmaryshospice, thank you for having me, looking at using Music in End of Life…
- Wednesday Nov 14 - 3:31pm

@SFHFT Yay. Well done Tania :)
- Saturday Nov 10 - 11:49am

@SfhWard25 Well done Tania - really well deserved! 🎶
- Saturday Nov 10 - 11:47am

RT @SarahRo32309100: @music_health make fridays my favourite day to work. 🎻🎹🎵🎶 #neonates #music #neonatalnursing
- Friday Nov 9 - 4:27pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @music_health @UHLNeonates our amazing health musicians are here to sing and calm our babies.
- Tuesday Nov 6 - 4:54pm

@TaniaWilletts Happy Birthday Ward 25. We might just have to sing Happy Birthday to you on Friday :)
- Monday Nov 5 - 8:22pm

RT @UoNCPD: Limited places available for our Music Care Training - Level 1 course later this month in partnership with @room217fdn and @mus
- Monday Nov 5 - 11:20am

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: Music Care Training - Level 1 Part 21st November 2018 – 22nd November 2018 @music_health one of a three-level training…
- Wednesday Oct 31 - 4:31pm

RT @LorraineBinch1: @limbowl @RMitchell_NHS @SFHFT @SfhWard25 @music_health Love them - couple of weeks ago two nurses came out rocking bab…
- Saturday Oct 27 - 9:10am

Thank you @RMitchell_NHS We are proud to be part of the @SFHFT team.
- Friday Oct 26 - 7:46pm

RT @wpduk: #CharityTuesday A donation from @wpduk has enabled @music_health to produce 1,000 CDs of specially recorded music to give to pat…
- Tuesday Oct 23 - 11:44am

@limbowl @KaleeSwain @SfhWard25 @SFHFT Ward 25 rocks :) See you next Friday for more of the same #lovefridays
- Friday Oct 19 - 5:51pm

@UHLNeonates Our pleasure as always. We love making music for the babies, parents and the wonderful staff team 🎵
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 3:39pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @UHLNeonates Our lovely health musicians have been on the unit today singing to our babies. The babies enjoyed the lovely…
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 3:35pm

@RMitchell_NHS @mayohsmith Brilliant. Great running 🏃‍♂️💪
- Monday Oct 15 - 1:13pm

RT @UoNCPD: Example of the #PowerOfMusicNotts @music_health @InstituteMH @UniofNottingham
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:17pm

RT @TaylorAlanJ: Hallelujah ...@mrleonardcohen 🇨🇦 is the finale to a great Music & Health Conference @UniofNottingham #powerofmusicnotts 👏👏…
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:17pm

RT @InstituteMH: Safe journey home to all our delegates and enormous thanks to all our #powerofmusicnotts speakers & musicians! A fantastic…
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:16pm

RT @UoNCPD: Great turnout! Moments away from kick-starting the Power Of Music Conference! Bringing #care communities together across the re…
- Friday Oct 12 - 8:14am

Great start to what is going to be a fascinating conference today #powerofmusicnotts @room217fdn @
- Friday Oct 12 - 8:12am

RT @InstituteMH: “It can humanise #care settings... Bridge the gap between young & old, trainee & teacher, #patient & professional. #Music
- Tuesday Oct 9 - 6:53pm

RT @Leic_hospital: On day two of #PlayInHospitalWeek, our play team showcased their excellent work using sensory equipment, arts and crafts…
- Tuesday Oct 9 - 6:52pm

RT @InstituteMH: UK's first Music #Care Conference - 12/10/18. Uniting anyone interested in the role of #music in #health and #SocialCare a…
- Tuesday Oct 2 - 10:43pm

RT @InstituteMH: "It can humanise #care settings... Bridge the gap between young & old, trainee & teacher, #patient & professional. #Music
- Saturday Sep 29 - 5:35pm

RT @InstituteMH: @Gareth_Gates will join us for Music #Care Conference, discussing how #music has helped him, as will @room217fdn & @MingHu
- Saturday Sep 29 - 1:16pm

RT @InstituteMH: Are you interested in learning about the power of music in #health and #SocialCare? That's all we ask! Join us for the UK'…
- Tuesday Sep 25 - 3:55pm

@RMitchell_NHS Hi. Would be great to hear from you - Best wishes, Nick Cutts, OPUS Music CIC
- Monday Sep 24 - 11:43am

RT @InstituteMH: UK's first Music #Care Conference - 12/10/18. Uniting anyone interested in the role of #music in #health and #SocialCare a…
- Tuesday Sep 18 - 10:54am

@RMitchell_NHS Nick Cutts, Director, OPUS Music CIC email: tel: 07786 157515
- Monday Sep 17 - 1:52pm

@RMitchell_NHS It would be great to meet with you/your team to explore sustainable approaches to music-making at KM…
- Monday Sep 17 - 1:50pm

We're thrilled to be partnering with @room217fdn and @UoNCPD to be delivering this. Please share and getting bookin…
- Friday Sep 14 - 2:10pm

@NeonatalMatron @HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @OakesKatie Hi. Please send me an email to nick@o
- Thursday Sep 13 - 6:24am

@HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @NeonatalMatron @OakesKatie The music is for everyone. The babies…
- Thursday Sep 13 - 5:58am

RT @UoNCPD: Presenters at #powerofmusicnotts include @Gareth_Gates @MingHungHsu_MHA @music_health @JoCoInfo @douglasnoble67 #NottinghamPeop
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:10am

@HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @NeonatalMatron @OakesKatie Hello , and thanks Sally :) - we take…
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:09am

Come along - it's going to be a great event - 12 October 2018 #powerofmusic :
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:06am

RT @TaniaWilletts: Julia(play team), Nick from @music_health & I showing the incredible impact of music on both children & staff of #ward2
- Friday Jun 29 - 4:57pm

RT @JohnMcArts: 'Through playful musical interactions, we can inhibit physical and psychological pain' - Nick Cutts, @music_health at #Crea
- Friday Jun 29 - 11:04am

RT @RachelBarker66: @TaniaWilletts @music_health Nicks team are on our ward right now making beautiful music 🎵 with our patients I…
- Friday Jun 29 - 10:05am

Fantastic to have you here!
- Friday Jun 29 - 9:38am

@TaniaWilletts Fantastic to have you with us today. Thank you so much for coming!
- Friday Jun 29 - 8:58am

RT @TaniaWilletts: Looking forward to supporting @music_health tomorrow at the arts for health and wellbeing conference, not sure words wil…
- Friday Jun 29 - 8:58am

RT @Daisy_Fancourt: My latest paper with @Saoirsefinn systematically reviewing biological studies of listening to #music in #clinical and n…
- Wednesday Jun 20 - 11:44am

#NAMIH2018 starting with some music. Of course :)
- Monday Jun 4 - 10:12am

Welcome from Louise Shepherd CBE, Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children's Hospital #NAMIH2018
- Monday Jun 4 - 10:12am

RT @UoNCPD: Delegates on our Music Care Training - Level 1 getting into the swing of things and putting their own spin on famous songs! Tha…
- Friday Jun 1 - 11:08pm

RT @music_cascade: Two weeks today! NAMIH's 2018 Conference @AlderHey Have you bought your tickets yet? https://t.…
- Monday May 21 - 12:59pm

@viewofthehound @Longhorn_UK @LondonMarathon Thanks for your support Alex. Looking forward to running the fantastic…
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:51pm

OPUS' very own Nick Cutts is running the Longhorn Half Marathon tomorrow, raising funds for music making in hospita…
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:48pm

RT @viewofthehound: Good Luck to all @Longhorn_UK runners (there are other races than @LondonMarathon 😉) I've #justdonated to help fund @m
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:43pm

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: #NAMIH (National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare) Conference, June 4th 2018 @AlderHey @music_cascade @music_health
- Thursday Mar 22 - 3:07pm

@TaniaWilletts Yes lovely break thanks working on new music. See you back on #ward25 next week :)
- Sunday Feb 25 - 6:57am

RT @anglov100: @music_health fantastic having you entertain the patients on ward 22 @Leic_hospital yesterday.
- Wednesday Feb 7 - 11:06pm

RT @robbradley01: @TaniaWilletts @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley We have these at Derby too they are really good really calm childre…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:37pm

RT @RachelBarker66: @TaniaWilletts @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley I so love Fridays and working at @SFHFT ! Thanks @music_health wo…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:32pm

RT @TaniaWilletts: Friyay!!!!!!! We all love Fridays on #ward25 and we all love @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:30pm

New post: Music in Healthcare Training – 14-18 May 2018
- Thursday Feb 1 - 1:12pm

RT @nickjonahdavis: A fine pair of @MartinGuitar instruments getting ready to hit the wards at QMC Hospital Nottingham, for Music in Health…
- Sunday Dec 10 - 7:00am

RT @limbowl: @music_health played for my niece this morning #lovefridays 💕
- Monday Nov 20 - 6:20am

We're very happy to make such a difference here and with older patients on ward 52 every Friday morning. We love ma…
- Friday Oct 6 - 4:29pm

RT @UKC_UK: Listen back to our BBC interview yesterday. Starts @ 1:12 @music_health @UkuleleKidsClub @SUS_UKES #UK
- Saturday Aug 19 - 11:43am

@NAMIHUK 4th JUNE.....not July!
- Thursday Jul 13 - 3:00pm

@musictherapyuk @NAMIHUK It is helpful to acknowledge the overlap between these practices - is the main difference…
- Tuesday Jul 11 - 9:05pm

RT @MartinBickerton: Great address by Lord Clement-Jones, talking about, among many points, creating freedom for music to live in society,…
- Monday Jul 10 - 3:08pm

RT @carojmoore: Great words from @karendeeny1 #PatientExperience @NHSEngland : "Staff experience drives patient experience" : People centr…
- Monday Jul 10 - 3:08pm

RT @LizzyG_86: @Daisy_Fancourt talking arts in health on a global scale #NAMIH17
- Monday Jul 10 - 3:08pm

RT @NAMIHUK: The Lord Clement-Jones CBE, @LibDemLords spokesperson for the Creative Industries is now speaking #namih17…
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:34am

RT @NAMIHUK: "There is every reasons hospitals and care homes should be part of the musical landscape around them" - Lord Clement-Jones #na
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:34am

RT @NAMIHUK: Hearing from @PulseArtsCIC - work is embedded with @GOSH_Arts, for and with staff and patients #namih17
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:33am

RT @musictherapyuk: We are at #NAMIH17 today, 1st conf of Musicians in Healthcare. Come & say hi 👋 #musictherapy #healthcare #music #allian
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:33am

RT @keychangesmusic: spending the day with other professionals working to promote #Health & #Wellbeing thru #music @NAMIHUK @rbh_Arts #nami
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:33am

RT @katierosewindow: Great welcome to #NAMIH17 by @karenjataylor @rbh_Arts Nick Coutts @music_health
- Monday Jul 10 - 11:00am

RT @NAMIHUK: 3 slides, 3 minutes. Time to hear from these great orgs! #namih17
- Monday Jul 10 - 10:59am

RT @NAMIHUK: "We're here to to explore, share and learn together." Nick, @music_health #namih17
- Monday Jul 10 - 10:37am

RT @NAMIHUK: 4th June 2018, in Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool is the date of #namih18, with @music_cascade and @music_health host…
- Monday Jul 10 - 10:37am

RT @NAMIHUK: Now we're hearing from Nick Coutts of @music_health, a cohost of today's conference. Talking about past, present & future of N…
- Monday Jul 10 - 10:36am

RT @NAMIHUK: "We hope to transform this hospital into a singing hospital" - @karenjataylor #namih17
- Monday Jul 10 - 10:13am

Delighted to be co-hosting the 1st conference for @NAMIHUK in partnership with @rbh_Arts at the Royal Brompton Hospital today. #NAMIH17
- Monday Jul 10 - 6:32am

RT @limbowl: Love Friday mornings! @music_health 😊🎶🎶
- Saturday May 27 - 5:08am

@NHSEngland OPUS Musicians work alongside and with healthcare staff at Hospitals across The East Midlands…
- Friday May 26 - 2:48pm

@RMitchell_NHS OPUS Musicians bring live music onto paediatric and dementia care wards at The LRI…
- Friday May 26 - 2:37pm

@laura_skaife OPUS Musicians bring live music to paediatric wards at The QMC on Wednesdays for 30 weeks a year…
- Friday May 26 - 1:51pm

@PeterHoma OPUS Musicians bring live music to paediatric wards at The QMC on Wednesdays 30 weeks a year.…
- Friday May 26 - 1:47pm

@InvolveT1 OPUS Musicians currently working at The QMC and Kingsmill Hospitals bringing live music onto paediatric…
- Friday May 26 - 12:16pm

@KimSunley Opus Music in Healthcare working hard to make a difference for staff at work in NHS.....
- Friday May 26 - 12:14pm

@GADAAlliance OPUS Music CIC brings live music making to dementia care wards in hospitals across The East Midlands…
- Friday May 26 - 12:12pm

@ltht_hr_james Opus Music in Healthcare working hard to make a difference for staff at work in NHS.....
- Friday May 26 - 12:12pm

@NandSCCG @SFHFT OPUS Musicians positively impacting patients and staff on dementia care and paediatric wards at Ki…
- Friday May 26 - 12:05pm

@WestM61 Opus Music in Healthcare working hard to make a difference for staff at work in NHS.....
- Friday May 26 - 12:04pm

@NHSLeicester OPUS Musicians eliciting positive responses from patients on dementia care wards at The LRI, The Gene…
- Friday May 26 - 11:59am

@DementiaAllianc OPUS Musicians bring live music to dementia patients in acute health care settings across The East…
- Friday May 26 - 11:52am

@seniors2seniors OPUS Musicians eliciting positive responses to live music in dementia wards from patients who have…
- Friday May 26 - 11:48am

@PaulCamic @NHSEngland OPUS Musicians are bringing live music to dementia care and paediatric wards positively impa…
- Friday May 26 - 11:21am

@AlzDisInt OPUS Musicians are now working on dementia care wards in 4 hospitals across The Midlands in the UK…
- Friday May 26 - 11:02am

RT @duncan_tree: #socialprescribing Helen-Stokes Lampard: Need to start measuring what matters to health-not what we can count. Yes! @Might
- Thursday May 18 - 1:00pm

Great to see HRH The Prince of Wales here at the King's Fund comference today in support of #socialprescribing
- Thursday May 18 - 11:10am

#socialprescribing It's not about 'what's the matter' with people but 'what matters' to people. Kings Fund Conference today.
- Thursday May 18 - 9:40am

#socialprescribing should be seen to be as important as medical prescribing. Dr Michael Dixon Chair of Council, College of Medicine
- Thursday May 18 - 9:18am

#socialprescribing network working hard to measure what is working across primary healthcare
- Thursday May 18 - 9:14am

Looking forward to an interesting day at the Kings Fund on #socialprescribing today.
- Thursday May 18 - 9:06am

New post: Music in Healthcare Settings Apprenticeships 2017-2018
- Thursday May 11 - 8:55pm

RT @KatyRob: Belated tweet about the fab day I had with @music_health: THANK YOU for letting me see you in action. Important work being don…
- Wednesday May 3 - 4:47pm

@KatyRob Enjoy your enormous coffee. See you soon for a day of music making @Leic_hospital
- Tuesday May 2 - 6:58am

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: .@NAMIHUK (National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare) Conference 10 July @RoyalBrompton @music_health @rbh_Arts http…
- Thursday Mar 30 - 11:41am

@AmyLenander Would you like to check out the work OPUS @music_health is doing in hospitals across EastMids. Love to work with Cap1 on this.
- Wednesday Mar 29 - 8:18pm

RT @musictherapyuk: @music_health @LAHFArtsHealth @ArtsInHealth @WellChild @WellbeingofWmen @musicinhospital Don't miss First Sounds at @Ch
- Monday Mar 27 - 11:27am

RT @WeAreGamerBorn: A massive thanks to @music_health who were going around the ward yesterday at Kingsmill hospital and cheered Lucas up…
- Sunday Mar 5 - 8:32am

RT @Leic_hospital: Enjoying live music from our friends at @music_health on the children's ward this afternoon
- Tuesday Feb 28 - 3:42pm

RT @NAMIHUK: Save the date! Our first #musicinhealthcare conference! July 10th 2017 at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London.…
- Friday Feb 24 - 3:49pm

@nottmchildrens @sherylhensman91 Delighted you enjoyed it. We play on the children's wards at QMC most Wednesdays.
- Thursday Feb 16 - 8:19am

RT @NAMIHUK: Our submission to the APPG for Arts Health and Wellbeing is up!
- Saturday Feb 4 - 5:37pm

OPUS Music in Healthcare training 8-12 May 2017. Applications closing soon. Get in touch if you plan to apply:
- Sunday Jan 29 - 7:56pm

RT @alisontoon: What a nice surprise for the patients at Glenfield Hospital: beautiful music by @music_health
- Tuesday Jan 24 - 3:04pm

@sajajohnson Hi. Lovely piece about Strokestra. Be great to talk to you about the work we are doing across Midlands Hospitals sometime...
- Monday Jan 23 - 9:26pm

RT @RichKensington: Thanks to @BBCRadio4 @PeterBazalgette for great programme on the need for empathy in healthcare. @music_health: great w…
- Tuesday Dec 20 - 11:28pm

RT @NUHCharity: Music helps distract and entertain children in hospital @music_health played at our Big Appeal launch to raise £3m for @not
- Wednesday Nov 23 - 1:55pm

Nick and Oli playing this morning at the launch of Nottingham Hospital Charity's Big Appeal for @nottmchildrens
- Monday Nov 21 - 1:36pm

RT @jolivesley1: Alison's music composition focused on 'say hello' as children meet lots of strangers in hospital 'Hello my name is...' #w
- Thursday Nov 17 - 8:07pm

RT @wishingwelluk: Collaboration inspiration!Surgeon, Mother, Play Specialist and Musician supporting a child's healing. @youthmusic @Lime
- Thursday Nov 17 - 6:07pm

RT @jolivesley1: If children can't communicate through language they can communicate through music and music is safe? #wingbeats @RMCHosp
- Thursday Nov 17 - 6:00pm

RT @jolivesley1: Alison final year med student talking about her experience of making music with children in hospital. @RNCMvoice @RMCHosp
- Thursday Nov 17 - 6:00pm

Lovely day today at LIME Music Health conference @RMCHosp. Great to see so much great music practice taking place in hospitals #wingbeats
- Thursday Nov 17 - 5:59pm

@robvickerman thanks for the follow. Lovely to meet you on twitter. We are also at &
- Thursday Oct 20 - 12:01pm

@neilgchurchill Great. If you follow us it will allow me to DM you.
- Thursday Oct 13 - 8:49pm

@neilgchurchill Fabulous. Interested in how NAMiH can be more closely aligned with NHS to achieve aims together strategically. Phone/meet?
- Thursday Oct 13 - 8:06pm

New post: Reaching People Through Song
- Thursday Oct 13 - 8:10am

RT @NurseNewsSteph: "Music resonates deep in the soul of a person" says Nick Watts of @music_health #jcconference #DementiaAwareness https:…
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 9:52pm

RT @GeriSoc: Showing how 'patients' can be a part of the live music in hospital and connect with the world around them @music_health #jccon
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 4:29pm

RT @NurseNewsSteph: Musicians at Opus music #CIC play on dementia wards & tell #jcconference of its "holistic human impact" for patients ht…
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 1:55pm

RT @ZoeHarrisCCUK: Being entertained by @music_health at #jcconference "When ppl are in a healthcare setting, they should have access to c…
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 1:55pm

RT @ckentone: I wish you could be here to share & listen to @music_health. Soul touching #jcconference
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 1:55pm

We're at John's Campaign conf in London. Changing care for hospitalised patients wth dementia. Presenting Music in…
- Wednesday Oct 12 - 10:10am

RT @KidsClassics: @music_health On #WorldMentalHealthDay help us share this great song by students @LinnDaraSchool #powerofmusic https://t.…
- Monday Oct 10 - 9:35pm

RT @Leic_hospital: @music_health It was lovely to have you, our patients had such a lovely time! We're already looking forward to the next…
- Wednesday Sep 28 - 5:33pm

Doctors @Leic_hospital were so inspired by OPUS today they relieved Rich of his instruments for a few moments to jo…
- Tuesday Sep 27 - 5:41pm

RT @RachelBarker66: I love Fridays. Its music therapy time on ward 25 @SFHFT. Enjoying the tunes with @music_health # great sounds https://…
- Saturday Sep 24 - 6:46am

Today we are at Leicester Hospital's #championscelebration to present workshops to Leicester's Older People's and D…
- Thursday Sep 22 - 8:15am

@wishingwelluk morning! Lovely to see you :)
- Wednesday Sep 21 - 9:35am

We are at Nottm Uni TAnDem conference today looking forward to exploring research and the future of Arts and Dement…
- Wednesday Sep 21 - 9:09am

RT @NUHCharity: Great to catch up with @music_health yesterday - a brilliant organisation bringing music into hospitals…
- Thursday Jul 7 - 10:59am

OPUS is @Leic_hospital today launching its new 2 year programme of music-making with older adults thanks to the support of @ace_national
- Tuesday Jun 21 - 7:08am

@louise_scull not until 14 Sept but in most Weds from then
- Tuesday Jun 21 - 6:24am

@louise_scull We're next at QMC on Weds 6th July from 9.30. Would be great to meet you if you are around that day.
- Tuesday Jun 21 - 5:43am

@louise_scull thanks for liking our tweet on Friday. Did you know we also visit children's@ QMC? Please do come and see our work sometime!
- Monday Jun 20 - 12:44pm

OPUS @Leic_hospital to launch a new prog of #MusicinHealthcare on older adult/dementia wards #CreativityandWellbeing
- Monday Jun 20 - 7:30am

OPUS Musicians last wk @ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit @DerbyHospitals #creativityandwellbeing #musicinhealthcare
- Sunday Jun 19 - 8:15pm

Delighted to announce a new development of #MusicInHealthcare practice within CAMHS in Nottm #creativityandwellbeing
- Friday Jun 17 - 7:17pm

Lovely morning spent making music at Kings Mill Hospital @SFHFT #MusicInHealthcare #CreativityandWellbeing
- Friday Jun 17 - 11:24am

@ KingsMill Hospital #SFHFT this morning making music on children's wards #musicinhealthcare #creativityandwellbeing
- Friday Jun 17 - 7:28am

OPUS @ Derbys Children's Hosp today @DerbyHospitals launching 3 year prog #musicinhealthcare #creativityandwellbeing
- Thursday Jun 16 - 1:56pm

We're @nottmchildrens @nottmhospitals today making music with patients #musicinhealthcare #creativityandwellbeing
- Wednesday Jun 15 - 7:54am

Great day with 2 fantastic musicians frm Cascade @AlderHey @music_cascade #musicinhealthcare #creativityandwellbeing
- Tuesday Jun 14 - 3:59pm

OPUS also @Leic_hospital today making music on children's wards with patients visitors and staff #musicinhealthcare #CreativityandWellbeing
- Tuesday Jun 14 - 6:00am

Looking fwd to seeing fantastic work of musicians frm @music_cascade @alderhay children's today #musicinhealthcare #CreativityandWellbeing
- Tuesday Jun 14 - 5:53am #musicinhealthcare #CreativityandWellbeing
- Monday Jun 13 - 5:06pm

Launching new 3 year prog of #musicinhealthcare practice in children's hospitals thanks to support from @youthmusic
- Monday Jun 13 - 5:00pm

Delighted to be part of #CreativityandWellbeing week and sharing some exciting announcements throughout the week
- Monday Jun 13 - 4:50pm

@KatyRob @zedwina @youthmusic Thanks for coming. It was lovely to have you with us today.
- Thursday Jun 2 - 4:24pm

And now hearing about Jane Bentley's travels to Asia to explore music in healthcare practice #musicinhealthcare
- Thursday Jun 2 - 1:30pm

A fascinating session on Neuro cardiology: the impact that musicians can have as human BEINGS not just human DOINGS
- Thursday Jun 2 - 1:22pm

RT @PulseArtsCIC: We are having a fascinating day at the International Music In Health Conference @music_health #musicinhealthcare
- Thursday Jun 2 - 1:19pm

Learning about the primitive brain in relation to #musicinhealthcare from Jo Stockdale from #CLADAC @DerbyHospitals
- Thursday Jun 2 - 9:57am

Co hosts @air_arts have presented on the wide range of arts programmes at @DerbyHospitals. A fabulous range of practice #musicinhealthcare
- Thursday Jun 2 - 9:50am

Music in Healthcare Network conference currently taking place at Royal Derby Hospital. #musicinhealthcare
- Thursday Jun 2 - 9:45am

RT @KatyRob: Looking forward to today's Music in Healthcare conference with @music_health at Derby hospital! @zedwina @youthmusic
- Thursday Jun 2 - 9:45am

@PulseArtsCIC @GreatOrmondSt @GoCreateGOSH ...and we are delighted to be coming. Looking forward to seeing your great work again today.
- Wednesday May 25 - 8:36am

RT @CardboardHarps: Got two super apprentices coming over from OPUS @music_health to observe and share practice @UHMBT Furness General toda…
- Sunday May 1 - 10:11am

New post: Music in Healthcare Training: Derby, May 2016
- Sunday Jan 3 - 10:04pm

RT @Philip_Flood: A good result for the arts and culture #spendingreview - Well done to @edvaizey and @JWhittingdale
- Wednesday Nov 25 - 4:38pm

@GoCreateGOSH @ace_national Seeing wonderful music making today with the children parents and staff @ Great Ormond St. Thanks for the visit.
- Wednesday Nov 18 - 3:07pm

RT @artsandhealth: Launch of new #artsandhealth #evaluation tool today from @WillisNewson & @UWEBristol Find out more here -…
- Wednesday Nov 18 - 11:29am

RT @TEDTalks: What making music does to your brain:
- Friday Nov 13 - 9:44am

@Leic_hospital It's a pleasure to come and play music with the patients. Here's a link to the BBC Radio report 1h28m
- Tuesday Oct 20 - 7:38pm

RT @Leic_hospital: Fantastic visit today from @music_health - music really makes a huge difference to our younger long-term patients https:…
- Tuesday Oct 20 - 5:06pm

New post: DONATE and support our music and health practice
- Monday Sep 21 - 7:19pm

New post: Music in Healthcare Apprentices
- Sunday Sep 20 - 7:57pm

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