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Sheffield Hospital Residency

Lovely session today at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield where Oli Matthews and myself (Nick Cutts) were playing music on two wards, for and with patients, visitors and staff.  OPUS has been visiting the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals now most weeks since the beginning of 2011, but every visit brings new surprises, new opportunities and new challenges.  Today's highlights include staff dancing up and down the corridors and bays, engaging with patients and visitors on a cultural, human level.  One of the nurses turned to us and said she was singing along even though she didn't know … Continue Reading ››

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

OPUS' residency at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is continuing, with musicians working regularly on spinal/neurological injury, general medical and rehabilitation wards.  This work takes various forms, mostly seeing musicians playing at the bedside in 1-1 and small group situations.  Yesterday saw 2 musicians working with a group of elderly patients in a day room, with everyone playing instruments, singing and 'dancing' together.  All agreed it was great exercise, thoroughly enjoyable and most of all a humanising experience, giving all patients an opportunity to express interests, curiosity and individuality!  With recent press around the need to humanise care for … Continue Reading ››