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Nottingham Children’s Hospital Mentoring Reflections – Angela Kang

Angela Kang 2 b&w Knowing what type of music will enhance the psychological and physical wellbeing of patients relies on empathy and intuition. There are two things that are always necessary for this type of work – appropriateness of musician, and the appropriateness of musical selections. Empathy (personal and musical) is of great importance. First and foremost, a hospital musician needs to survey the situation, and identify whether a patient would be happy to listen to or engage with music. In some cases, this can be quite obvious (a … Continue Reading ››

Nottingham Children’s Hospital Mentoring Reflections – Joe Danks

joe danks b&w There are lots of skills required for this work, and as I come to the end of ten weeks training I realise there has been a huge amount of progression in all areas. I also understand now probably more than ever that there is a long way to go and even were I to train for ten years there would still be situations and interactions that would surprise me, and situations I could learn from. This has been demonstrated throughout the process, with new challenges presented … Continue Reading ››

Evaluation: OPUS in Children’s Hospitals

OPUS' current music in hospitals programme, taking place in Derbyshire, Leicester, Nottingham and Kings Mill Children's Hospitals, is coming to an end in March 2014. We hope to resume the practice in May 2014, funding permitting! As part of the current programme, OPUS engaged the services of Evaluation Consultant Dr Anneli Haake to evaluate the programme. Anneli has done a fantastic job, capturing evidence of the impacts of this practice and pulling this all together into academic and summary report documents, an A1 size academic poster (for display in hospitals) … Continue Reading ››