Did you know we are working with the University of Nottingham and Room 217 Foundation to deliver Music Care Trainin…
- Saturday Sep 21 - 8:53pm

We've wrapped up a lovely week of hospital music-making at Kings Mill this morning on @SfhWard25 and in Neonatal I…
- Friday Sep 20 - 2:18pm

@SfhWard25 Guess what day it is! 🎶🎻🎸😀
- Friday Sep 20 - 8:29am

A lovely musical interaction on the children's wards @UHDBTrust. Please consider supporting our practice by visiti…
- Thursday Sep 19 - 1:58pm

We'd love to keep in touch with our many friends and followers via email and/or phone/text. Please take a moment…
- Thursday Sep 19 - 12:53pm

Musicians Sarah and Richard have been busy on the wards at Leicester Children's Hospital today making music with ch…
- Wednesday Sep 18 - 5:49pm

We've had an inspiring last two days delivering Music Care level 2 training to this wonderful group of trainees in…
- Wednesday Sep 18 - 1:41pm

RT @UoNCPD: Delighted to welcome colleagues from @NottsCC to Music Care Training - Level 2 @UniofNottingham in partnership with @room217fdn
- Tuesday Sep 17 - 6:14pm

@dring_tracy @SfhWard25 @SFH We're on ward 25 and Neonatal intensive care from around 9.45 until midday. Next week…
- Friday Sep 13 - 9:04pm

@drcolindunkley @SFHFT Twinkle twinkle little star :) 🌌🎶💤
- Friday Sep 13 - 4:51pm

RT @SfhWard25: Can you guess what day it is on ward 25? Oh yes it's FRIYAY!!!!! @music_health
- Friday Sep 13 - 11:53am

Musicians Sarah and Oli have spent a lovely morning making music with patients, carers and staff at Kings Mill Hosp…
- Friday Sep 13 - 11:51am

Oli's Melodeon transformed into a meloshaker this morning at Derbyshire Children's Hospital @UHDBTrust @air_arts.…
- Thursday Sep 12 - 3:23pm

OPUS musicians Oli and Richard playing beautiful music for the babies, parents and healthcare staff in Neonatal Int…
- Wednesday Sep 11 - 7:40pm

@CHSNotts Thank you Eleanor
- Wednesday Sep 11 - 8:45am

A small helping hand making music with us @nottmhospitals on the children's high dependency unit yesterday.
- Wednesday Sep 11 - 7:42am

RT @UoNCPD: Only 48 hours left to register for #powerofmusicnotts at the early bird rate of £70 @UniofNottingham in partnership with @Lakes
- Wednesday Aug 28 - 12:25pm

This will be a great event. Get yourself booked on now to take advantage of the early bird offer.
- Thursday Aug 22 - 9:04am
- Tuesday Aug 6 - 2:22pm

RT @UoNCPD: Register now for #powerofmusicnotts @UniofNottingham in partnership with @LakesideArts @InstituteMH @music4dem2020 @room217fdn
- Friday Jul 26 - 3:19pm

@TaniaWilletts OPUS dog loves a paddle! 🐕
- Wednesday Jul 24 - 7:58am

@RMitchell_NHS @SFHFT Love it 😀🎭🎶
- Wednesday Jul 24 - 5:45am

- Wednesday Jul 24 - 5:23am

And we're delighted to be back top be working alongside the awesome @TeamNUH
- Tuesday Jul 2 - 6:31pm

@holeye That's brilliant Holly. You are an inspiration! Let's talk about the training we are going to be developing…
- Friday Jun 28 - 5:06pm

@holeye Hi Holly. Lovely to see you yesterday. Well done and thank you for keeping the music going. We're only ther…
- Friday Jun 28 - 5:39am

@drcolindunkley Fabulous. Love it!
- Monday Jun 24 - 8:28am

RT @UoNCPD: Save the date! Join us @EMCCHotel @UniofNottingham for the Power of Music in Health and Social Care 04/11/2019, in partnership…
- Monday Jun 17 - 11:44am

It's been a huge pleasure to deliver music-making sessions @Leic_hospital and the Bradgate Unit in partnership with…
- Sunday Jun 2 - 6:16pm

RT @ZoeKinsey_UHL: #Ward33GH loved a tuneful visit from @music_health today, along with our Meaningful Activities Facilitator! Both patient…
- Tuesday May 28 - 8:11pm

RT @bosworthward: @ward_ashby @music_health @LPTnhs It was nice to see and hear you on @bosworthward too. Really great to see patients join…
- Tuesday May 28 - 8:00pm

@ward_ashby @LPTnhs We had a lovely time making music on the ward. Thanks for having us! 😀 🎶🎸🥁
- Tuesday May 28 - 7:42pm

RT @ward_ashby: A huge thank you to @music_health for creating some lovely music on the ward today. Massive positive feedback from patients…
- Tuesday May 28 - 7:39pm

RT @AandHUHL: We're so pleased to be able to bring the wonderful work of Opus @music_health to @Leic_hospital through working in partnershi…
- Thursday May 23 - 12:54pm

RT @Leic_hospital: The brilliant OPUS music (@music_health) bring their music to patients at Glenfield hospital today as part of our #Demen
- Thursday May 23 - 10:40am

RT @uhl_DOE: Look out for OPUS @music_health today at Glenfield and pop into the Odames Library at the LRI to see the poster presentation.…
- Thursday May 23 - 7:19am

@SfhWard25 Brilliant well done everyone.... however I'm not sure putting the words 'Ward 25' and 'normal' in the same sentence is allowed! 😉
- Monday May 20 - 8:24am

RT @UoNCPD: Watching #OurDementiaChoir and looking forward to hosting our Power of Music in Health and Social Care Conference 4th November…
- Thursday May 9 - 8:07pm

RT @BrightSparksMH: Hooray! We are programming the festival right now, to include music, dance, poetry, spoken word, painting, crafting, cr…
- Tuesday May 7 - 8:04am

RT @Tupperwarepanda: We have been honoured to have @music_health visit us @UHDBTrust #NICU, fingers crossed they get funding to continue ht…
- Tuesday May 7 - 8:04am

RT @UoNCPD: Tune into @BBCOne at 8pm tonight to watch #OurDementiaChoir with @Vicky_McClure As well as joining forces with @ucl for this am…
- Thursday May 2 - 9:52am

RT @UoNCPD: New dates confirmed for Music Care Training - Level 1 and 2 in partnership with @room217fdn and @music_health Register: https:/…
- Tuesday Apr 30 - 4:03pm

Sharing this one again in case it was missed. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please help us to share the impacts of our pra…
- Thursday Apr 25 - 10:18am
- Tuesday Apr 23 - 8:04pm

Really nice to be back making music with patients at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester today. We’ve had some really l…
- Tuesday Apr 23 - 12:14pm

@SfhWard25 @bryonyquimby91 @Kerrymo48429713 @KaleeSwain Brilliant. Well done you crazy ward 25 crew x
- Sunday Apr 21 - 3:35pm

RT @louisenffc: Today has involved music for everyone and hand massages for mums @EMNODN @NICUMHAW @UHDBTrust @LeosNeonatal @music_health @…
- Wednesday Apr 17 - 7:22pm
- Thursday Mar 28 - 4:41pm

Check out @UHLNeonates’s Tweet:
- Wednesday Mar 27 - 10:07am
- Tuesday Mar 26 - 8:27pm

Always a great pleasure to make music with this young man..... and now he has his own Ukulele thanks to Music Heals…
- Tuesday Mar 26 - 8:26pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @UHLNeonates @music_health we have had our lovely musicians visit us today and calm babies with music therapy. They met w…
- Tuesday Mar 26 - 6:36pm
- Wednesday Mar 20 - 12:33pm

All in a day's work. Sarah and Richard at work in Nottingham Children's Hospital today.
- Thursday Mar 14 - 9:42pm

@QMCPaedsNeuro @NUHPlayService @kerryvwebb @LesleyReilly20 @nuhpatientgroup We love coming to make music on the war…
- Thursday Mar 14 - 9:36pm

RT @QMCPaedsNeuro: This will melt your heart! Music therapy is absolutely crucial to our patients, it’s also incredibly calming for our nur…
- Thursday Mar 14 - 9:35pm

We've had a great two days working with a wonderful group of trainees delivering Music Care Level 1 training in par…
- Thursday Mar 14 - 9:16pm

A busy week for OPUS (as usual) this week with practice at Leicester (pictured from today), Nottingham and Kings Mi…
- Tuesday Mar 12 - 10:12pm

RT @UoNCPD: Looking forward to welcoming delegates from @RoyalFreeChty @NottsCC @ashmere_derbys @LPTnhs and @GabrielleAwre tomorrow for Mus…
- Tuesday Mar 12 - 6:39pm

@sfhcriticalcare @doc_som @RMitchell_NHS @SuzanneB_NHS @trevorhammond10 @SFHFT Great to meet the awesome team…
- Friday Mar 8 - 7:46pm

Last chance to sign up.....
- Tuesday Mar 5 - 6:07pm

@HarmoniCymru @michellefow123 @becquer_s @ladyjanerm @cv_uh @Kathjifflebum @MissDaisyEvans @CV_UHB @Health_Charity
- Tuesday Mar 5 - 5:54pm

RT @sally95993391: @music_health @SfhWard25 ❤️❤️❤️
- Friday Mar 1 - 6:41pm

RT @SfhWard25: We hope Rosie is feeling better now @sally95993391 We do love FRIYAY on ward 25 with our incredible friends from @music_hea
- Friday Mar 1 - 6:41pm

RT @UoNCPD: Happy #worldmusictherapyday2019 to our wonderful partners @room217fdn @music_health and all our students! There's still time to…
- Friday Mar 1 - 6:41pm

Lovely session today with Royal College of Nursing Student Information Officers looking at the impact of Music in H…
- Thursday Feb 28 - 9:33pm

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: Music Care Training - Level 1, 13-14th March @UoNCPD in partnership with @room217fdn and @music_health learn how to inc…
- Thursday Feb 28 - 3:18pm
- Tuesday Feb 26 - 12:11pm
- Tuesday Feb 26 - 12:07pm
- Tuesday Feb 26 - 11:51am

@TaniaWilletts @SfhWard25 @SFHFT Yay. Great work
- Friday Feb 22 - 7:10pm

@Tupperwarepanda @AlisonODoherty2 @yvonnefletcher4 @UHDBTrust Hi. There are a number of research papers, but here's…
- Thursday Feb 21 - 5:47pm

@RMitchell_NHS @SFHFT Incredible. Well done everybody at SFHFT. Hope you get some respite soon. You do an amazing job.
- Thursday Feb 21 - 9:27am

RT @UoNCPD: Want to learn how to incorporate #music into #healthcare settings? Join us for Music Care Training - Level 1 in March and May,…
- Tuesday Feb 19 - 4:28pm

Big thanks to Hugh Miller for following us around during our practice yesterday to capture some wonderful images of…
- Friday Feb 15 - 6:46pm

What a lovely day we've had making music with patients at Nottingham Children's Hospital. A wonderful welcome as us…
- Thursday Feb 14 - 5:48pm

@SfhWard25 It's Richard and Nick this week who will be in with their usual guitar, ukulele, whistles and percussion…
- Tuesday Feb 12 - 5:31pm

FriYAY on Ward 25 and Kings Mill Hospital included wonderful engagements on Richard's Bodhran. This drum is often u…
- Tuesday Feb 12 - 12:40pm

RT @BreatheAHR: Today's #WomenInScience day, we celebrate the contributions of our Research Director @Daisy_Fancourt. Her work on behaviour…
- Monday Feb 11 - 6:36pm

RT @NordoffRobbins1: "Arts-based interventions can strengthen prevention, reduce demand for medication and clinicians’ time, shorten hospit…
- Monday Feb 11 - 6:23pm

RT @gillyode: “those involved in supporting young people’s wellbeing should give greater consideration to the role that music can play” htt…
- Sunday Feb 10 - 9:56pm

Lovely to visit the Critical Care Unit at Kings Mill Hospital today to share the positive impact that music can hav…
- Friday Feb 8 - 4:43pm

RT @tupper32a: What an amazing reaction from patients and staff alike to this beautiful music on @sfhcriticalcare this afternoon, smiles, d…
- Friday Feb 8 - 4:18pm

Music Care Training - Level 1 | University of Nottingham Online Store
- Thursday Feb 7 - 1:20pm

@lottie_barnes @ArtsHealthECRN @Kazz946 @JulietBeal @DrNicolaBrink And live, responsive music tailored to the needs…
- Tuesday Feb 5 - 11:28pm

OPUS Musician Richard Kensington 'rockin' the uke' alongside a patient in our hospital music-making practice today.…
- Tuesday Feb 5 - 9:16pm

Lovely images from our practice this week. Our Hapi Drum continues to spread its Hapi-ness, glamorous nails playing…
- Friday Feb 1 - 12:39pm

Some lovely images from our Music in Healthcare practice this week. Our Hapi Drum continues to spread its Hapi-ness…
- Friday Feb 1 - 12:33pm
- Friday Feb 1 - 10:32am

@OmPhoenix @UHLNeonates @LizaCoombes @wishingwelluk @SimiFyles Certainly not a photo opp. Rich uses his drum in pra…
- Friday Feb 1 - 10:15am

Our Chief Executive Nick Cutts had a wonderful meeting on Tuesday evening with the Health Arts Society of Ontario a…
- Thursday Jan 31 - 2:46pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @UHLNeonates @music_health we have had our lovely Opus musicians playing for our babies today. The parents, babies and st…
- Wednesday Jan 30 - 11:56pm

University of Nottingham and OPUS proudly present this wonderful training course in partnership with Room 217. Get…
- Monday Jan 28 - 3:14pm

RT @NAMIHUK: NAMIH 2019 conference confirmed for 10th June in Brighton... Save the date! Hosted by @RhythmixMusic with support from @youth
- Monday Jan 28 - 1:52pm

@DameEvelyn @Babigloomusic @nottmhospitals @nottmchildrens @youthmusic @YouthMusicNet You're always very welcome to…
- Friday Jan 25 - 8:37pm

"Music for people with dementia is a necessity"
- Friday Jan 25 - 2:43pm

RT @QMCPaedsNeuro: The best part about working a Thursday? @music_health visit! Music therapy is beneficial to our children and families an…
- Friday Jan 25 - 2:17pm

@TaniaWilletts @SuzanneB_NHS Are you in touch with Dr Charlotte Goedvolk at NUH? She is leading on a learning from…
- Thursday Jan 24 - 7:29pm

@mattgriff1968 @youthmusic What makes this particularly special is that the young girl initiated the music-making w…
- Thursday Jan 24 - 7:27pm

@HarmoniCymru @CV_UHB @MissDaisyEvans @vickyguise @AandBCymru @michellefow123 Fantastic work. Congratulations :)
- Thursday Jan 24 - 5:11pm

Nottingham Children's Hospital today, where the consultant is only too happy to join in with the music-making as pa…
- Thursday Jan 24 - 12:30pm

OPUS Musicians along with their instruments (melodeon and 5-string fiddle) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at t…
- Wednesday Jan 23 - 9:55pm

@SfhWard25 Awww. It's Friyay for us too as we love coming in to be part of the amazing team at @SFHFT. You guys are…
- Wednesday Jan 23 - 9:08am

@Matt_Batten1 @sheila_marriott @theRCN Let us know if you would like any contribution from us
- Tuesday Jan 22 - 9:23am

@M_Rach44 @JulieWRCN @sheila_marriott @theRCN It was lovely to meet you Rachel :) What an incredible team you all are!
- Monday Jan 21 - 8:26pm

RT @UoNCPD: Fascinating article about the power of music in care: to coincide with the launch of @music4dem2020 by…
- Monday Jan 21 - 8:14pm

We love our work in children's hospitals, thanks to support from @youthmusic and hospital charities @Leic_hospital
- Monday Jan 21 - 8:10pm

@JulieWRCN @sheila_marriott @theRCN Most Tuesdays we're @Leic_hospital in paediatrics and @UHLNeonates. You'd be w…
- Monday Jan 21 - 8:03pm

A young patient at @nottmhospitals @nottmchildrens last week, playing our new(ish) favourite instrument, Oscar's Ha…
- Monday Jan 21 - 8:01pm

Our music-making is not just for the patients. It's also for their visitors/carers and for healthcare staff. Lovely…
- Monday Jan 21 - 7:51pm

@JulieWRCN @sheila_marriott @theRCN Perhaps another time Julie
- Monday Jan 21 - 5:05pm

@sheila_marriott @theRCN It was a pleasure to meet you all. Thanks so much for the time to talk. Looking forward to…
- Monday Jan 21 - 4:04pm

@SfhWard25 Fantastic. These are such a great idea at hospitals.
- Tuesday Jan 8 - 7:36pm

RT @NHSMillion: Healthcare Assistants rarely get a mention, but they are the heartbeat of every ward across the country (as well as many ot…
- Sunday Jan 6 - 11:19am

@TaniaWilletts Ah yes. We'll be doing that for months :)
- Tuesday Jan 1 - 6:07pm

Happy New Year to all our followers. Here's to a 2019 filled with music-making for patients, visitors and staff.
- Tuesday Jan 1 - 8:16am

RT @SfhWard25: We hope that the children and YP that won't be with us this Christmas are still celebrating where ever they might be. Think…
- Sunday Dec 23 - 1:47pm

RT @UoNCPD: Musicians can play an important role in nurturing the wellbeing of older people in care. Read the @LiveMusicNowUK report on #Li
- Wednesday Dec 19 - 2:35pm

@SFHFT Fantastic. Well done David :)
- Tuesday Dec 18 - 9:27am

@SfhWard25 @SFHFT @RachelBarker66 @KHeathcote42 @Jumpin_Jaxs @LorraineBinch1 @SuzanneB_NHS @GoodmanKaty @KaleeSwain
- Monday Dec 17 - 1:28pm

RT @UHLNeonates: We are enjoying some lovely calming music on NNU LRI courtesy of Opus Music @music_health
- Tuesday Dec 11 - 3:42pm

RT @SfhWard25: It's FRIYAY which can only mean one thing... MUSIC DAY Our favourite day of the week! @music_health showing our visitors wha…
- Friday Dec 7 - 3:11pm

@SfhWard25 @SFHFT We'll be in singing some songs and playing some tunes on Friday morning. Perhaps we could keep h…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 8:32pm

Just a small sample of some of the wonderful responses we get from patients, their visitors and staff, in our pract…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 2:23pm

RT @mikeysfund: Mikey had a visit from Richard and Oliver from the fabulous opus music @music_health today. They played Mikey some lovely…
- Tuesday Dec 4 - 1:00pm

@tupper32a @SFHFT @SuzanneB_NHS @PhilPhilbolton We see great benefits in the wards in which take music-making at Ki…
- Monday Dec 3 - 8:27pm

It's #GivingTuesday. Please consider giving the gift of music to hospitalised patients through your support of OPU…
- Tuesday Nov 27 - 10:45am

@SarahRo32309100 Thanks for your lovely tweet on Friday. We love playing for the babies (and parents and staff of course!). See you soon.
- Monday Nov 26 - 2:54pm

@QMCPaedsNeuro thanks for the follow. We're now following you also. We love coming to make music with you on a Thursday :)
- Monday Nov 26 - 2:52pm

RT @SarahRo32309100: I love working Fridays because of these guys! @music_health The babies are loving their morning music. 🎵 🎶
- Friday Nov 23 - 11:54am

RT @UoNCPD: Looking forward to welcoming delegates from @NottsCC @CheswoldH @NottsHealthcare and @AliClari5 to @UniofNottingham tomorrow fo…
- Tuesday Nov 20 - 9:53pm

RT @helenjwootton: @SfhWard25 @music_health I miss this Friday feeling on ward 25 xxx
- Sunday Nov 18 - 12:52am

RT @mariakimmiddlet: @SfhWard25 @music_health Love Fridays xx
- Sunday Nov 18 - 12:52am

RT @SfhWard25: It's FRIYAY!!!! A huge happy Friday from all of us on ward 25 and the amazing @music_health
- Friday Nov 16 - 11:01am

RT @gravity_digital: What a lively workshop in #markhamvale yesterday for @mpddindustry! Great to spend the afternoon with such a well eng…
- Thursday Nov 15 - 10:58am

Thanks to Debbie at Gravity Digital and Claire at Marketing Peak District and Derbys for a fantastic social media w…
- Thursday Nov 15 - 10:18am

RT @CardboardHarps: Really positive meeting this morning at @stmaryshospice, thank you for having me, looking at using Music in End of Life…
- Wednesday Nov 14 - 3:31pm

@SFHFT Yay. Well done Tania :)
- Saturday Nov 10 - 11:49am

@SfhWard25 Well done Tania - really well deserved! 🎶
- Saturday Nov 10 - 11:47am

RT @SarahRo32309100: @music_health make fridays my favourite day to work. 🎻🎹🎵🎶 #neonates #music #neonatalnursing
- Friday Nov 9 - 4:27pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @music_health @UHLNeonates our amazing health musicians are here to sing and calm our babies.
- Tuesday Nov 6 - 4:54pm

@TaniaWilletts Happy Birthday Ward 25. We might just have to sing Happy Birthday to you on Friday :)
- Monday Nov 5 - 8:22pm

RT @UoNCPD: Limited places available for our Music Care Training - Level 1 course later this month in partnership with @room217fdn and @mus
- Monday Nov 5 - 11:20am

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: Music Care Training - Level 1 Part 21st November 2018 – 22nd November 2018 @music_health one of a three-level training…
- Wednesday Oct 31 - 4:31pm

RT @LorraineBinch1: @limbowl @RMitchell_NHS @SFHFT @SfhWard25 @music_health Love them - couple of weeks ago two nurses came out rocking bab…
- Saturday Oct 27 - 9:10am

Thank you @RMitchell_NHS We are proud to be part of the @SFHFT team.
- Friday Oct 26 - 7:46pm

RT @wpduk: #CharityTuesday A donation from @wpduk has enabled @music_health to produce 1,000 CDs of specially recorded music to give to pat…
- Tuesday Oct 23 - 11:44am

@limbowl @KaleeSwain @SfhWard25 @SFHFT Ward 25 rocks :) See you next Friday for more of the same #lovefridays
- Friday Oct 19 - 5:51pm

@UHLNeonates Our pleasure as always. We love making music for the babies, parents and the wonderful staff team 🎵
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 3:39pm

RT @UHLNeonates: @UHLNeonates Our lovely health musicians have been on the unit today singing to our babies. The babies enjoyed the lovely…
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 3:35pm

@RMitchell_NHS @mayohsmith Brilliant. Great running 🏃‍♂️💪
- Monday Oct 15 - 1:13pm

RT @UoNCPD: Example of the #PowerOfMusicNotts @music_health @InstituteMH @UniofNottingham
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:17pm

RT @TaylorAlanJ: Hallelujah ...@mrleonardcohen 🇨🇦 is the finale to a great Music & Health Conference @UniofNottingham #powerofmusicnotts 👏👏…
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:17pm

RT @InstituteMH: Safe journey home to all our delegates and enormous thanks to all our #powerofmusicnotts speakers & musicians! A fantastic…
- Friday Oct 12 - 5:16pm

RT @UoNCPD: Great turnout! Moments away from kick-starting the Power Of Music Conference! Bringing #care communities together across the re…
- Friday Oct 12 - 8:14am

Great start to what is going to be a fascinating conference today #powerofmusicnotts @room217fdn @
- Friday Oct 12 - 8:12am

RT @InstituteMH: “It can humanise #care settings... Bridge the gap between young & old, trainee & teacher, #patient & professional. #Music
- Tuesday Oct 9 - 6:53pm

RT @Leic_hospital: On day two of #PlayInHospitalWeek, our play team showcased their excellent work using sensory equipment, arts and crafts…
- Tuesday Oct 9 - 6:52pm

RT @InstituteMH: UK's first Music #Care Conference - 12/10/18. Uniting anyone interested in the role of #music in #health and #SocialCare a…
- Tuesday Oct 2 - 10:43pm

RT @InstituteMH: "It can humanise #care settings... Bridge the gap between young & old, trainee & teacher, #patient & professional. #Music
- Saturday Sep 29 - 5:35pm

RT @InstituteMH: @Gareth_Gates will join us for Music #Care Conference, discussing how #music has helped him, as will @room217fdn & @MingHu
- Saturday Sep 29 - 1:16pm

RT @InstituteMH: Are you interested in learning about the power of music in #health and #SocialCare? That's all we ask! Join us for the UK'…
- Tuesday Sep 25 - 3:55pm

@RMitchell_NHS Hi. Would be great to hear from you - Best wishes, Nick Cutts, OPUS Music CIC
- Monday Sep 24 - 11:43am

RT @InstituteMH: UK's first Music #Care Conference - 12/10/18. Uniting anyone interested in the role of #music in #health and #SocialCare a…
- Tuesday Sep 18 - 10:54am

@RMitchell_NHS Nick Cutts, Director, OPUS Music CIC email: tel: 07786 157515
- Monday Sep 17 - 1:52pm

@RMitchell_NHS It would be great to meet with you/your team to explore sustainable approaches to music-making at KM…
- Monday Sep 17 - 1:50pm

We're thrilled to be partnering with @room217fdn and @UoNCPD to be delivering this. Please share and getting bookin…
- Friday Sep 14 - 2:10pm

@NeonatalMatron @HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @OakesKatie Hi. Please send me an email to nick@o
- Thursday Sep 13 - 6:24am

@HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @NeonatalMatron @OakesKatie The music is for everyone. The babies…
- Thursday Sep 13 - 5:58am

RT @UoNCPD: Presenters at #powerofmusicnotts include @Gareth_Gates @MingHungHsu_MHA @music_health @JoCoInfo @douglasnoble67 #NottinghamPeop
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:10am

@HUGrhc @Tupperwarepanda @kread85 @KathrynAshton1 @NeonatalMatron @OakesKatie Hello , and thanks Sally :) - we take…
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:09am

Come along - it's going to be a great event - 12 October 2018 #powerofmusic :
- Wednesday Sep 12 - 10:06am

RT @TaniaWilletts: Julia(play team), Nick from @music_health & I showing the incredible impact of music on both children & staff of #ward2
- Friday Jun 29 - 4:57pm

RT @JohnMcArts: 'Through playful musical interactions, we can inhibit physical and psychological pain' - Nick Cutts, @music_health at #Crea
- Friday Jun 29 - 11:04am

RT @RachelBarker66: @TaniaWilletts @music_health Nicks team are on our ward right now making beautiful music 🎵 with our patients I…
- Friday Jun 29 - 10:05am

Fantastic to have you here!
- Friday Jun 29 - 9:38am

@TaniaWilletts Fantastic to have you with us today. Thank you so much for coming!
- Friday Jun 29 - 8:58am

RT @TaniaWilletts: Looking forward to supporting @music_health tomorrow at the arts for health and wellbeing conference, not sure words wil…
- Friday Jun 29 - 8:58am

RT @Daisy_Fancourt: My latest paper with @Saoirsefinn systematically reviewing biological studies of listening to #music in #clinical and n…
- Wednesday Jun 20 - 11:44am

#NAMIH2018 starting with some music. Of course :)
- Monday Jun 4 - 10:12am

Welcome from Louise Shepherd CBE, Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children's Hospital #NAMIH2018
- Monday Jun 4 - 10:12am

RT @UoNCPD: Delegates on our Music Care Training - Level 1 getting into the swing of things and putting their own spin on famous songs! Tha…
- Friday Jun 1 - 11:08pm

RT @music_cascade: Two weeks today! NAMIH's 2018 Conference @AlderHey Have you bought your tickets yet? https://t.…
- Monday May 21 - 12:59pm

@viewofthehound @Longhorn_UK @LondonMarathon Thanks for your support Alex. Looking forward to running the fantastic…
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:51pm

OPUS' very own Nick Cutts is running the Longhorn Half Marathon tomorrow, raising funds for music making in hospita…
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:48pm

RT @viewofthehound: Good Luck to all @Longhorn_UK runners (there are other races than @LondonMarathon 😉) I've #justdonated to help fund @m
- Saturday Apr 21 - 8:43pm

RT @LAHFArtsHealth: #NAMIH (National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare) Conference, June 4th 2018 @AlderHey @music_cascade @music_health
- Thursday Mar 22 - 3:07pm

@TaniaWilletts Yes lovely break thanks working on new music. See you back on #ward25 next week :)
- Sunday Feb 25 - 6:57am

RT @anglov100: @music_health fantastic having you entertain the patients on ward 22 @Leic_hospital yesterday.
- Wednesday Feb 7 - 11:06pm

RT @robbradley01: @TaniaWilletts @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley We have these at Derby too they are really good really calm childre…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:37pm

RT @RachelBarker66: @TaniaWilletts @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley I so love Fridays and working at @SFHFT ! Thanks @music_health wo…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:32pm

RT @TaniaWilletts: Friyay!!!!!!! We all love Fridays on #ward25 and we all love @music_health @limbowl @drcolindunkley…
- Friday Feb 2 - 2:30pm

New post: Music in Healthcare Training – 14-18 May 2018
- Thursday Feb 1 - 1:12pm

RT @nickjonahdavis: A fine pair of @MartinGuitar instruments getting ready to hit the wards at QMC Hospital Nottingham, for Music in Health…
- Sunday Dec 10 - 7:00am

RT @limbowl: @music_health played for my niece this morning #lovefridays 💕
- Monday Nov 20 - 6:20am

We're very happy to make such a difference here and with older patients on ward 52 every Friday morning. We love ma…
- Friday Oct 6 - 4:29pm

RT @UKC_UK: Listen back to our BBC interview yesterday. Starts @ 1:12 @music_health @UkuleleKidsClub @SUS_UKES #UK
- Saturday Aug 19 - 11:43am

@NAMIHUK 4th JUNE.....not July!
- Thursday Jul 13 - 3:00pm

@musictherapyuk @NAMIHUK It is helpful to acknowledge the overlap between these practices - is the main difference…
- Tuesday Jul 11 - 9:05pm

RT @MartinBickerton: Great address by Lord Clement-Jones, talking about, among many points, creating freedom for music to live in society,…
- Monday Jul 10 - 3:08pm

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