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Reflections on Apprenticeship: Joe Danks

Dancing in Hospital Corridorsjoe danks b&w 'Jim knew that he wasn't much of a singer or dancer, and to him, a public display of singing and dancing implied he thought himself and expert. The villagers just stared at Jim and said, “What do you mean you don't sing?! You talk!” Jim told me later, “It was as odd to them as if I had told them that I couldn't walk or dance, even though I have both my legs.” Singing and dancing were a natural activity in everybody's lives, seamlessly … Continue Reading ››

Reflections on Apprenticeship: Marc Block

marc blockJames and I had been playing for a while with B (a boy of around 5 with Down’s), who had been enthusiastically playing on the xylophone. We played through a song and brought it to an end, and B carried on playing, so we picked up his tempo and played chords along to him until another piece of repertoire emerged and we played that through, B focussed intently all the while on his playing. There came a point where B very clearly stopped and gave the beaters … Continue Reading ››

Music in Healthcare Settings Conference: Derby, 16 July 2015

royal derby hospitalThursday 16th July 2015, 9.30am - 4.30pm Education Centre, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby, UK. We are delighted to launch the forthcoming International Music in Healthcare Conference, hosted by OPUS Music CIC in partnership with Royal Derby Hospital and Air Arts to Aid Wellbeing. Bringing together music for health practitioners, healthcare staff, promoters, funders, researchers and other key stakeholders, this event promises to provide stimulus for discussion and debate around the ongoing development of Music in Healthcare settings across the UK and beyond. A mix of … Continue Reading ››