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When we work in hospital we never know who we are likely to meet and what reaction we will get to our music. Mostly people react positively to us when we arrive with our instruments, sometimes people join in with us but it is rare to find someone with instrument at the ready and desperate to do some playing! The other day we were invited into a room where two nurses were just finishing a treatment on a little girl. Her mum and another visitor were with her. We played a piece and her face lit up. Then … Continue Reading ››

Preconceptions are often misconceptions!

We were asked to visit the room of a teen aged boy who we were told was under constant supervision and was really into music – especially heavy rock and rap. We were told that he was a DJ and played the drums. Before starting to work in hospitals my response to this request would have included a certain amount of uncertainty as to how to connect with this boy. With the limited information that we’d been given it would be easy to develop the preconception that we were going to work with some one who … Continue Reading ››