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Nottingham Children’s Hospital Mentoring Programme

In November 2013, OPUS Music CIC, in partnership with Nottingham Music Hub, was delighted to deliver two days of training for eight musicians exploring the role of the musician in healthcare settings. These two days have been followed up by ten days of mentored practice for two musicians at Nottingham Children's Hospital. Joe Danks and Dr Angela Kang were the musicians selected for the mentoring programme, supported by OPUS Musicians and trainers Nick Cutts, Richard Kensington and Sarah Matthews. This programme continues until the beginning of March when we will be reflecting … Continue Reading ››

Having Something to Say

Our first visit of the year to Nottingham QMC in January 2014, and Rich and I went into E40 Ward first thing in the morning and checked with staff for advice on where to start playing and who to work with. We walked right to the end of the unit, passing a sleepy patient on the left who was having a good cuddle with his Mum and watching TV. We met a lively little girl who listened to our music first of all, and then joined in with actions and singing and then happily explored the box … Continue Reading ››

Musicians in Hospitals – Training and Mentoring Programme, Nottingham, UK – COURSE FULL

THIS COURSE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. If you are interested in attending our training in the future, please email us at and we will contact you when we launch our next programme. OPUS Music CIC, in partnership with Nottingham Music Hub, is offering a training and mentoring programme for musicians working in, or interested in working in healthcare settings. Initially there will be a two-day programme of training for up to eight musicians (unpaid). Following the training sessions, two trainees will be selected by interview to go forward as mentees to the ten day mentoring programme (paid) … Continue Reading ››