Drumming in Intensive Care Units

richard kensington 1 300Five years ago, during my initial training as a musician in healthcare settings, one of the first challenges I faced was how to take my specialism of percussion into hospital settings.  How could I use percussion instruments, particularly drums, in spaces that I assumed would be very quiet in a way that would enhance that environment? How could I use something as potentially noisy and intrusive as a drum in an a space populated by children suffering from a variety of illnesses or conditions which … Continue Reading ››

Reflections on Practice: Partnerships with Doctors

oli matthews 1 300We entered the ward as a group of three musicians.  As soon as we entered though the doors we were noted by a doctor in the second bay down who had a group of 7 junior doctors with him. He turned to us, introducing us to his group as a regular team that come into the Children’s wards each week, playing music for and with the children, parents and staff. As the junior doctors were currently doing some observations on a small child at the time, we asked if it was appropriate … Continue Reading ››

Reflections on Apprenticeship: Joe Danks

Dancing in Hospital Corridorsjoe danks b&w 'Jim knew that he wasn't much of a singer or dancer, and to him, a public display of singing and dancing implied he thought himself and expert. The villagers just stared at Jim and said, “What do you mean you don't sing?! You talk!” Jim told me later, “It was as odd to them as if I had told them that I couldn't walk or dance, even though I have both my legs.” Singing and dancing were a natural activity in everybody's lives, seamlessly … Continue Reading ››
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