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Music is scientifically proven to have positive effects on health and wellbeing

What difference does it make?

Did you know that there are proven health benefits to using music to improve health and wellbeing?

Music can affect the whole person and reach us on a biological, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual level.


Music affects our biological functions and can positively impact our overall heath and recovery.

Music effectively stabilises physiological functions, including heart rate and blood pressure regulation, promotes sleep induction, mitigates physical pain, and supports rehabilitation efforts. Additionally, music enhances sensory and motor functions, aiding in body coordination, proprioceptive-tactile feedback, auditory focus, tracking, sound tolerance, and depth perception. 


Music offers numerous social benefits to boost mood, aid communications and fun!

Music evokes memories, tells a community’s story, decreases isolation, and fosters compassion and intimacy. Music facilitates relationships, creates a safe environment, and connects people through shared experiences and ideas. It encourages social interaction, enhances quality of life, and promotes cultural understanding, making it a powerful force in building social bonds and enriching lives.


Music profoundly impacts emotions and positively benefits our health and wellbeing.

Music facilitates emotional expression, which supports trauma recovery, reduces agitation, and can impact and change moods. It enhances self-awareness, manages stress, comforts grief, nurtures emotional intelligence, and can affect emotions for therapeutic purposes.


Numerous studies have shown the positive impact of music on cognitive functions.

Music inspires creativity, enhances attention, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning, acts as an information carrier, and aids overall learning. It triggers memories and refines the ability to focus and listen. Studies reveal how music, whether through training, exposure, or preferred selections, can enrich cognitive abilities, making it a powerful tool for cognitive development and enhancement across various domains of human cognition.


Scientific research affirms the positive impact of music on the human spirit.

Music promotes relaxation, reduces stress, provides comfort, and creates a sense of meaning. Music aids in addressing death and dying issues, contributes to an atmosphere, and supports spiritual practices like prayer and meditation. Through various studies, it has been shown to offer transcendent experiences, assisting in both religious and secular rituals, and fostering a sense of relatedness to oneself, others, or a Higher Power.