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We train healthcare professionals and musicians by sharing our knowledge and experience

What is the OPUS Music Training Programme?

We offer different training packages to healthcare staff and organisations, aspiring healthcare musicians, and to families and carers.  All of these courses are designed to give you the skills to use music to improve the health and wellbeing of all those you make music with. 

Our training programmes aim to support the provision of music for health and wellbeing across the East Midlands and the rest of the UK. We believe that health and social care should be an intrinsic part of health and social care, everywhere.

Image of a healthcare professional music making with a big grin on his face

Music Care Training

We offer bespoke Music Care training, bringing music into the daily routines and environment of health and social care settings, positively transforming patient, family, carer, and staff experience.

Photo of a group of musicians on a recent training course

Musician in Healthcare Training

We teach you the skills needed to develop your practice and ways in which to share your music in a healthcare setting. We also offer the chance to shadow us in hospital and community settings.

A photo of a little girl with a rainbow facepainted on her face making music with Nick

Music for Wellbeing

We support you in developing your music-making skills and show you ways to use music in your everyday life and care responsibilities, to boost wellbeing. No musical experience necessary!

What does the training consist of?

Our training packages are tailored to you. Whether you are an individual, group, or organisation, we’ll design the sessions around you to suit your needs and support your desired outcomes. We can run a day long intensive course, or a week long programme.

What are the benefits of the training?

Music has the power to boost mood, lower stress, and even improve recovery rates. There are so many scientific studies which showcase the medical benefits of using music in health and social care settings. Our training explores the science and the practical side of music-making and how to enhance the health and wellbeing in those that we meet.

“This training is well researched and of a high standard, delivered by specialists who were excellent at sharing their skills and expertise."

Are you a healthcare student?

Did you know? We offer two placements each year to students studying with the opportunity to shadow our practice and learn more about music for health and wellbeing. If you are currently studying or starting a course in the health and social care sector then please get in touch to register your interest in a placement with OPUS Music CIC.