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Music video resources

Music that's made for you

These resources are specially created by trained Healthcare Musicians for use by healthcare professionals and families in children’s hospitals. 
Videos are hosted on YouTube and classified as ‘made for kids’.

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Redirect, Engage and Energise

This video has been made to redirect a patient’s focus towards music. It’s an upbeat energising tune featuring lots of instruments that appear, disappear and reappear. Can you spot them all? Can you name them all?

Intentions: Redirecting attention, Energising, Engaging, Focusing.

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Yea Ho, Little Fishes

A gentle traditional lullaby from Australia. This is one of our favourite pieces of repertoire that just seems to suit all ages.

This is made for anybody (patients, staff and families) who would benefit from just stopping for a short time, taking a moment to chill and take a breath.

Intentions: Relax and Breathe, Share, Calm, Induce Sleep

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A catchy attention-grabbing tune to use in a time of need. This jazzy piece of music is great to move to, but watch out for the stops! ...ready…go!

Intentions: Re-direct attention, Engage and Re-focus, Be playful, Inspire movement

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A feel-good fun piece of music to give you energy and inspiration for the day ahead. This upbeat tune has a catchy riff / hook which is very rhythmic in nature, intended to engage slightly older children.

Intentions: Energise, Engage, Uplift, Drive, Inspire, Positive thinking

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Wiggle Workout

This video was made with the intention of getting little ones moving, focused and singing along. It’s a light-hearted, gentle workout focused around developmental movement that works standing up, sitting in a chair or even laying down in bed. There is approximately five minutes of movement followed by two minutes of relaxation to the music.

Intentions: Movement; Coordination; Sing Along; Enliven; Energise; Engage

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A little video to watch, listen to, sing along with and share with someone special (aimed towards younger patients)

Intentions: Watch together; Share with someone special; Relax; Smile; Sing along; Feel safe; Induce sleep

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Bending the Ferret

A bouncy, engaging tune to play along with, adding your own element of ferrety fun!

Intentions: Play along; Engage; Motivate; Smile

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Here is a piece of music created to gently soothe you and relax you at work, or as you rest.

Intentions: Relax; Calm; Slow Breathing; Rest; Induce Sleep

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Here is a piece of music created to engage you and uplift your day.

Whether you are a patient in hospital and haven’t seen your garden recently, or a member of staff who spends a lot of their waking time at work, this video is a little taste of something simple, beautiful and natural growing.

Intentions: Think About Nature; Playful; Catch Attention; Distract

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This video has been made as a resource for providing a focus for an older child, teenager or adult. The intention is to draw attention towards music and away from discomfort, to help a patient feel grounded and more secure.

Intentions: Calming; Focusing; Grounding; Diverting attention away from troubling thoughts.

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This piece of music has been made for use with small children and babies who are getting ready for bed. The dreamy nature of the video is intended to relax, calm and soothe babies and children who might sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep.

Intentions: Induce Sleep, Relax, Feel Safe, Calm and Soothe

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Kafoozalum / Wind The Bobbin Up

Two lovely bouncy traditional pieces here combined into one track, recorded for you, all socially distanced, in a lovely green garden setting in August 2020. You may be a patient in hospital, young or old, or a member of healthcare staff working a long shift today, but we hope this one gets you energised, moving, and makes you smile.

Intentions: Raise Spirits; Energise; Engage; Focus on something fun

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This Won't Last Long

Here is a piece of music created early April 2020, initially for patients and staff within our NHS, but it still serves to support our whole community if we share it around…

Intentions: Feel Connected; Relax; Find Comfort; Look Forward To Brighter Future

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Jingle Bells
Silent Night
I Saw Three Ships / In Dulci Jubilo
Ding Dong Merrily On High

Tunes to bring some festive cheer!
All 4 videos are on the link below.

Intentions: Uplifting, Enliven, Relax, Soothe, Engage…

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With thanks

These video resources have been made by OPUS Music CIC, with support from Youth Music, Leicester Hospitals Charity, Nottingham Hospitals Charity, Sherwood Forest Hospitals Charity, Air Arts and Derbyshire Children’s Hospital League of Friends.