Having Something to Say

Our first visit of the year to Nottingham QMC in January 2014, and Rich and I went into E40 Ward first thing in the morning and checked with staff for advice on where to start playing and who to work with. We walked right to the end of the unit, passing a sleepy patient on the left who was having a good cuddle with his Mum and watching TV. We met a lively little girl who listened to our music first of all, and then joined in with actions and singing and then happily explored the box … Continue Reading ››

A Moving Musical Experience.

One visit to a Children's Hospital in November 2013 we were passing through one ward on our way to work in another, or so we thought……we were spotted and invited into one young patient’s room by his Mum. She already knew us and knew of our work, as we had met before when her older daughter had been in the same hospital previously. Recently, her young baby had been having difficulty in passing faecal matter over the last four days and as a result was constipated and unable to take in much milk when hungry. He was crying … Continue Reading ››

New year updates…

Happy New Year from everyone at OPUS Music CIC. It was an extremely busy end to the year for everyone at OPUS, and as such there's much to update here. We will get on top of all the updates over the coming week. Some of the highlights from the end of the year are: Continuing Music in Hospitals practice at Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicester and Kings Mill Children's Hospitals/Wards. Continuing Music in Hospitals practice at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) The beginning of a new, shorter-term residency at Nottinghamshire Hospice A new phase of the Taking the Lead on … Continue Reading ››
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