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Oaklie's Story

From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

Bringing a new life into the world is an experience filled with anticipation, joy, and sometimes, unforeseen challenges. For Vickie and her family, the arrival of their baby girl, Oaklie, at just 27 weeks meant a lengthy and intense stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). During this critical period, one unexpected source of comfort and joy came from OPUS Music CIC, dedicated to bringing live music to healthcare settings. Their involvement transformed the hospital experience for Oaklie and her family, offering solace and strength through the healing power of music.

Oaklie was a tiny acorn, fragile and full of potential. Her name, inspired by the saying “from tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow,” encapsulated her parents’ hope and belief in her strength and resilience.

“Our baby girl, Oaklie, was born at 27+3 weeks, meaning we spent 7 weeks in the NICU before finally going home. The first week we were there, we experienced the musicians from OPUS play for the first time. The acoustic music was beautiful and made me very emotional; they played Twinkle Twinkle initially, followed by 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley.”

– Vickie (Oaklie’s Mum)

In the sterile, beeping environment of the NICU, where the constant hum of machines and the buzz of medical staff became the norm, OPUS Music CIC provided a breath of fresh air. Their mission simple yet profound: to bring the therapeutic benefits of live music to patients, families, and staff in healthcare settings.

Each week, the musicians from OPUS would visit the NICU, offering a musical respite for families like Oaklie’s.

“Each week they would play a nursery rhyme followed by a modern classic. When your baby is in NICU, it is a very testing time, and the days merge. Although OPUS’s visits were short, it broke the week up and I really looked forward to it, to hear something other than the machine beeps and subtle buzz of the staff.”

For Vickie, these musical interludes were more than just a break from the monotony; they were moments of emotional connection and hope.

“Oaklie was actually awake for one of their visits; I could see her take notice of this new sound, and it was incredible to watch her take this in.”

Watching her tiny daughter respond to the music was a powerful reminder of the life and potential within her.

The impact of OPUS’s visits extended beyond just the auditory experience. Music has a unique ability to reach places words cannot, providing comfort, emotional expression, and a sense of normalcy in an otherwise clinical environment. For families in the NICU, this connection can be profoundly healing.

As Oaklie grew stronger and the day of going home approached, Vickie and her family carried with them the memories of those musical moments.

Thank you, OPUS, for bringing a little bit of joy to a stressful time.” 

Oaklie’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of music. From a tiny acorn to a mighty oak, Oaklie continues to grow, thrive, and inspire all who hear her story. The music provided by OPUS Music was not just a temporary distraction but a source of lasting strength and joy during a challenging journey.

In the NICU, where each day can feel like an eternity, and the uncertainty of the future looms large, the presence of OPUS Music brought a much-needed touch of humanity and hope. For Oaklie and her family, these musical visits were a beacon of light, reminding them that even in the most trying times, there is beauty, connection, and the promise of growth. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow—just like Oaklie, who continues to flourish.