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Parent Mental Health Day

OPUS Music and the Impact on Parent Mental Health

Parenting is a rewarding yet challenging journey, and the demands of caring for a child can be particularly daunting for those navigating the complexities of hospital stays, illness, and mental health challenges. This Parent Mental Health Day, we feel it is important to highlight the transformative impact of music, on parents in hospital settings and in the community.

In the words of a grateful parent whose child participated in one of the OPUS community music sessions:

“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to the fantastic team at OPUS for the care and support you gave P in the autumn music sessions. She loved it and was always so happy about returning. It had been a very difficult year for us, but we really feel we’ve got her back. We can’t thank you enough. What a fantastic group of people P was lucky enough to be a part of.” 

A nurse, witnessing the direct impact of music in hospital environments, attests to its positive effects:

“It contributes to positive developmental care for infants and provides wonderful moments for bonding between infants and families. Thank you so much for providing this service. As a nurse, I can see the positive impact this is having for patients and their families.”

The stress of a hospital stay can be overwhelming for parents, but OPUS music sessions shine a bright light even in the darkest times. A relieved parent shares their experience:

“Their session made an otherwise stressful hospital stay much brighter. As a parent, at a time when you’re feeling exhausted and worried, they really do make things feel better. To see my daughter join in and enjoy the music and singing was so refreshing after seeing so much upset from being unwell. They take pressure off parents to entertain, relieve staff, patients and parents, and they genuinely make the ward a lovely place to be when they’re there.”

This Parent Mental Health Day, we celebrate the impact of OPUS music on parents, both in hospital and in the community. These quotes illustrate the tangible difference music can make in the lives of families facing challenges. OPUS creates space for musical expression for communities, parents, and children, to support their mental health and wellbeing.

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