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Redirect, Engage and Energise

This video has been made to redirect a patient’s focus towards music. It’s an upbeat energising tune featuring lots of instruments that appear, disappear and reappear. Can you spot them all? Can you name them all?


Redirecting attention, energising, engaging, focusing.

The pace of this piece increases as it goes along. The instruments swap around more and more quickly and attention is drawn between the two musicians constantly swapping places.

– Set up a screen, ideally with a speaker for better quality sound. Headphones will work but ideally you will listen to the music with the patient so if headphones are being used a splitter jack might be considered so you can have a pair each.
– Listen to the music with the patient, perhaps pointing out when a new instrument comes in.
– Can you join in tapping or clapping any of the rhythms that you can hear? Perhaps you could make up your own.
– Perhaps let the patient get absorbed in watching and listening to this piece with no distractions and then talk to them about it at the end.

On further viewings, perhaps point out and discuss the unusual instruments. These are, in order of appearance:

Tar (Frame Drum)
Bottle top shaker
Claves x 2

Please leave feedback on how this feels to use. We are always looking for ways to improve things and develop these and new resources. Thank you!