Tuesday 15th Jan – Winding the Bobbin Up

A very busy day in hospital and so many potential reports to write…….so I shall choose one scenario from our afternoon visit to intensive care.

I was working with Richard today and our short-term placement student, Sarah Steenson. We were invited in to meet a very enthusiastic and welcoming staff and a very full room – I think every bed was taken.

We began with ‘Off to California’ and played to a familiar family in a private room. Then ‘Out on the Streets there is Sunshine’ as we moved down the room. We came to a young girl, slightly sitting up in her bed, looking fairly subdued and quiet. We were still playing the same song at this time, and had begun leaving a 3 beat space. Our young observer decided it was time to join in and waved her left hand in time with the missing 3 notes. This developed into 3 claps the next time round. After a little consideration I invited her to use both arms for ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’.

We played and sang through the song a few times and towards the end she was wriggling in bed, leaning away from her pillow, doing all the actions, smiling, and making those around her smile and laugh.

Richard said later that day, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to tears with Wind the Bobbin up before’!

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