Smiles, laughter, singing and dancing…

Another lovely session at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals today, playing music in two wards with patients, visitors and staff. This is a relatively new space for us to work in, with mostly small bays of 6 beds in each along a very long corridor. We play before and during visiting time, and get the sense that the visitors as well as patients are gaining a great deal of enjoyment and wellbeing from the music-making. Staff commented today that the atmosphere is much calmer and that everyone seems to be smiling when we’re around. Staff were waltzing in the corridors, dancing as they got on with their duties. The ward sister commented that they would have us there every day if they could. Patients were singing along with our music, with some teaching us some new songs including ‘Delaney’s Donkey’ and ‘Don’t Laugh at Me’. Some were ‘dancing’ in their chairs and beds much to the enjoyment of other patients and staff. All in all, much laughter, culture and humanity was present throughout the session – and I think we left a taste of it behind.

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