Newspaper Article: Music in Health practice at QMC, Nottingham


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From Nottingham Post, 19 June 2014

MUSIC is helping an 11-year-old boy battle crippling headaches which have left him unable to attend school.

Mrs Bell said:

“James gets really down when he is in hospital because he sees other children and he can’t do what they can do, but he gets so excited about OPUS – the first time he did a session with them he was beaming. James feels that he is creating music and for that time the pain and depression does not exist and it is just wonderful. What they do is absolutely vital for so many people and it has inspired me to play piano at home and we have started singing together.”

Consultant pediatric nephrologist Martin Christian, from Queen’s Medical Centre, said: “It would be a disaster if we didn’t have them. Some of our patients are mesmerised by them when they come round and they give them a huge psychological boost. I think there is something incredibly calming about the music which has a positive effect on both the staff and the patients.”

Barbara Cathcart, chief executive of the Nottingham Hospital Charity, said: “There is something special and powerful about what OPUS Music does for the children, including known benefits to their healing. These types of projects are made possible through the generosity of our donors, for which we are very grateful.”

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